Listen: Olivia Grace – Blackbird

'Blackbird' is the new single from Brooklyn via Chicago indie pop artist, Olivia Grace.

At only 21 years of age and currently finishing up college, there is a lot of maturity to the track. It's dark, smoldering indie pop and has traces of Fiona Apple, Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey.

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Ciaran O'BrienComment
Watch: Maija Sofia – Persephone

Maija describes the song as one “of despair, an ethereal retelling of the Greek tale of a kidnapped goddess trapped in the mythical underworld, layered with echoes of the modern-world’s political chaos. With samples from Sylvia Plath, the song is an ode to the many talented women throughout history who have been oppressed and overshadowed at the hands of an abuser.”

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