The Strike - Faint Of Heart


The Strike is a Utah-based, 6 man band who have just released the official video for ‘Faint of Heart’ - the first single from their EP with the same name. The video provides a perfect accompaniment to a contemporary pop banger, depicting a story of romance in the most subtle way. The black and white filter against slow motion footage beautifully juxtaposes the high-energy track, reaffirming The Strike’s modern pop electronica flavours. 

"For us the album is about vulnerability.  Human emotions can be pretty volatile, and we wanted to make an album that spoke to the day-to-day inner dialogues that we have with ourselves.  It is sort of an admission that we don’t have the answers, that we are emotional, oftentimes irrational, and that it is ok to admit it.  'Faint of Heart' also represents a sonic shift for the band.  It showcases some new textures that our audience has never heard from us.”