The fin. - Heat (It Covers Everything)


The fin.’s latest single ‘Heat (It Covers Everything)’ feels like the dream residue of a summer that even the summer rain couldn't quash. Soft rippling textures and synth arpeggios cloak the song in a blanket of melodic warmth while Yuto Uchino’s vocal line is soft and delicate.

Heat is a psychedelic ode to the energy within. Bradley Spence’s production lends it a subtle slickness comparable to Kevin Parker’s recent work. Following on from recent singles ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Pale Blue’, ‘Heat (It Covers Everything)’ is exactly the sort of lysergic pop romp that The fin. have mastered throughout their career to date.

The fin. says about Heat, "This song is about energy which is around every where or inside you and states that it conflicts each other in many ways. There's another version in Through the Deep EP. It's more like a short dream and thoughts that goes away soon. But this new version is repetitive and it has a big world and reality in it."


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