The Æther - ÆTHEREAL


2018 saw the release of the award winning debut album from hotly tipped singer, producer and multi Instrumentalist The Æther  , and after spending time in the studio experimenting, he's back at it with his second album ÆTHEREAL.

The cinematic second offering is one that has a haunting feeling about it. It really feels like the sound of an artist evolving - sonically, lyrically and emotionally.

ÆTHEREAL is a change from the frail, introverted, dark tones heard on the debut album. On ÆTHEREAL we hear a transformation from dark to light, from melancholy to iridescent euphoria, and an exploration of the roads to mental health and happiness.

You can hear influences popping in and out throughout, be it Niles Rodgers guitar funk, James Blake’s electronic soul and Daft Punk/Phoenix excursions into discotheque designs, lo-fi down tempo.

A stand out to be is the track ‘I Think I’m Falling Going Nowhere’ with its constant build to an ending featuring emotional and soaring vocals. Nile Rodgers inspired single ‘URGH’ also sticks out to me as it seamlessly blends funk and chill-pop sounds.

ÆTHEREAL is an optimistic record, underscored with hope, resilience and a love of life.