Oh Wonder - Ultralife


Fresh from supporting Walking On Cars at their headline show in Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Oh Wonder have released of their brand new album “Ultralife”. Featuring the current single “High On Humans” and previous single“Ultralife”, the album was predominantly recorded at the band’s own home studio in Brockley, and self-produced by the duo.

In an era in which pop careers require careful planning, Oh Wonder are an anomaly. They’re a band formed by accident not design, a duo who didn’t intend to play live but spent more than a year touring the world, and a major label act who never saw this being anything other than a DIY project.

The title track 'Ultralife' is both on Oh Wonder’s extraordinary second album and their debut. Its eponymously-titled predecessor, released in late 2015, was a collection of songs they had posted online at the rate of one a month, which millions of listeners fell in love with, turning London-based Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West into reluctant pop stars. Now their first album is fast approaching half a billion streams - a happy accident indeed.

The album as a whole seems effortless in its upbeat mood and delightfully catchy tracks. From the more mellow moments in 'Solo' and 'My Friends' to the irresistible radio friendly catchiness of 'High On Humans' and 'Drive'.

You can catch Oh Wonder live in Dublin on November 1st in The Academy