LAOISE - Halfway EP


The Galway indie-pop artist has been moving her way up the Irish music scene ladder and even getting some attention abroad. Her debut EP, 'Halfway' is packed full of killer hooks and laid back beats. 

For a debut release Halfway is fantastic and is sure to be in the top Irish releases by the time the year comes to a close!

LAOISE was inspired to write the EP when she was at a halfway point in her recovery from mental and physical difficulties, hence the title ‘Halfway’. This resulted in LAOISE experimenting with various genres and sounds as she began to rebuild and reinvent herself along with her music.

Starting with a constantly rising intro track that flows into the first single 'You', a track that draws on some of LAOISE's influences striking a similarity to Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby material with its creepy muffled vocals and child-like keys. It is when the song picks up with the first chorus that we get a real sense of her sound which has intricate vocals meticulously placed over drum beats and personal lyrics.

'Halfway' is up next and is a more subtle approach to the candy floss indie pop. There is a real sense of honesty to the lyrics in this one, an approach that makes this whole EP feel more personable and nearly like we are getting a glimpse into the mindset that LAOISE may have been in when penning the tracks. Halfway ends up switching approaches near the end of the track inserting some nearly jazz keyboard elements. 

The EP closes out with 'Shooting', a softer and more delicate track. This is probably the most honest track on the EP and maybe even the best! On the final track she says:

"Shooting is probably my favourite track off the EP. In comparison to the other songs, it’s quite bare and raw. When writing it, I feel I got to delve into new territories and emotions, which is echoed in the song’s lyrics. I wrote this song with a friend of mine, and we were both going through similar experiences where no matter what we did, we felt we couldn’t grasp and take hold of the things we wanted - be it a relationship or a career path. ‘Shooting with no ammo’ explains the effort you go to finally reach something, only to realise you messed up on the first step, and starting again doesn’t always feel worth it. It’s that moment when you feel so trapped and lost, going around in circles over and over and wondering if you’ll ever break the cycle."

The ‘Halfway’ EP was recorded and produced by Seán Behan, (A Place Called Kai Studios), in a spare room in his parent’s house. The entirety of it was produced using one ramshackle microphone and an equally ancient laptop, making LAOISE’s pristine and glittering output all the more impressive.