Premiere: JaXson - All I'm Fighting For


JaXson is the brainchild of Wexford Singer-Songwriter Luke Jackson who has just released new single All I'm Fighting For. His wild, high energy live performances have helped him burst onto the Irish music scene in recent months.

All I'm Fighting For is a song that describes how it feels when you try to achieve an objective, but you keep getting held back. The song starts with JaXson's vocals front and centre before building into a punchy chorus, giving that sense of desperate desire that the song describes. The track ends in a crescendo of sound that I can only imagine being impressive in the live environment. 

JaXson says about the piece that "It was built on frustration but it was also built to motivate people and to create a fire in their belly in hopes that they can overcome the problem that they're facing and achieve what they need to achieve, no matter how hard it may seem."


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