Irish Music: Strength in Genres

Ailbhe Reddy

Irish music could possibly be the strongest it has ever been!

That may be a bold statement to make but it is hard to ignore the quality of music that is being produced by Irish artists right now. Looking at what is being released over the last while there is such a diversity in genres too. There is always the staple of folk and singer songwriter types, but we also have great hip-hop music funneling its way into our eardrums, we have great rock music and some fantastic pop music.

It is not only coming out of Dublin either! We are seeing artists from Cork, Limerick, Belfast, Donegal, Mayo and many other places making a name for themselves on the Irish music scene. This has encouraged venues all over the country to book better quality gigs and better quality artists more often. Think of venues like Connolly's of Leap, or The Roisin Dubh or even Nelliefreds in Dingle. Some of these venues may have their history but there has no doubt been a resurgence in the quality of music being played week in week out in these venues. 

Looking into the indie pop scene we have the likes of Maria Kelly breaking hearts with her heartfelt brand of indie pop, Saint Sister making waves abroad with their celtic infused dreampop, James Vincent McMorrow exploding onto the international scene, Ailbhe Reddy spreading her emotional stories so honestly with us all.

In hip-hop we have acts like Rusangano Family creating thought provoking melodies, Hare Squead getting people energised not only here but also in the UK, Tebi Rex creating catchy hooks and many many more making names for themselves across the country.

We have brilliant rock artists like Bitch Falcon, For Foresters, Otherkin, Ivy Nations and many more. 

These acts, which are only but a small sample, are all delivering music at such a high quality across the board. It is hard not to be excited about what is yet to be discovered in this beautifully creative country.


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