Hvmmingbyrd - Gozo


Inspired by a recent trip to the island of Gozo, Hvmmingbyrd release their new single co-produced with Aisling Jarvis on August 4th 2017. Gozo flows with twinkling, glitchy melodies and the intricate harmonies of Byrne and Das, resulting in a dreamy, effervescent haze.

There is a blissfulness to Gozo that differs from the bands previous material, however, although it differs it still has that etherial alt-pop sound that Hvmmingbyrd is known for and executes so well!

Hvmmingbyrd are a band that are a prime example of how good the Irish music scene is right now and how crazy it is that you don't hear their music on more radio stations around the country. Gozo is an ethereal alt pop track that belongs on your playlist!