Greta Isaac - Comfortable


'Comfortable' is the new track from Welsh artist Greta Isaac. A creepy and mesmerising track that is accompanied by a suitably uncomfortable video, Comfortable is a song that discusses themes of apathy and selfishness. 

Isaac talks about turning a blind eye to the world around us, extremely relevant in the world we live in now. Possibly inspired by the misreporting or lack there of news tragedies and events across the globe, it is hard to feel comfortable during this track, in the best possible way!

The high pitched siren like sounds, deep horror like sound effects and muffled lyrics all lend themselves to deliver on the exact opposite of the songs title. The chorus almost has Isaac screaming out that she is comfortable when it is obvious that she is not! 

Following on from her previous single 'You', there is no doubt that Greta Isaac is an artist that has a bright future and somebody that we can expect to be seeing a lot more of sooner rather than later!