Inni-K - The Hare and the Line


Four years after her debut album Inni-K is back with the sophomore follow up 'The Hare and the Line'. 

Inni-K's music draws on her extensive background in folk and traditional Irish music. There is a sonic similarly to old Irish traditional music throughout the album, but with an indie-folk wrapper around it all.

 'The Hare & the Line' presents a rawer, affecting collection of songs than Inni-K’s previous work; a collection varied in tone, and showing the maturity of these past years spent engaged in music.

Speaking about the new album, Inni-K says: "The whole process of making this album was very different from before. It was a much less lonely venture than previous experiences. I had the sense of a team around me – people and musicians I really value and trust."

"There is a more organic quality to these songs I feel – perhaps an ease and a looseness that has come from playing and working together with the musicians on the record and the team involved in helping make it happen. It has been a very creative winter, and I can’t wait to bring these songs out.”

 Stand out tracks include 'Crush', which has a more driving sound to it and follows closer to the indie genre than folk. 'Just After', the first single taken from the  album, is slower track that shows off the more emotive side of Inni-K's songwriting and lyrical ability. 'Edgs' follows in a similar vein to Crush, with a harsher guitar throughout, providing a more staccato approach that gives more of an edge to the track. This edge is my favourite part of the album and an avenue I would like to see Inni-K explore more going forward.