The OB is back!


Hi! It sure has been a while!

My last post was in November 2017, over a year ago! So why the radio silence and why am I back after all of this time? Well I am going to explain it all!

So having worked non stop on the blog and videos for over 3 years straight I started to feel a bit of burn out! While the blog was always a hobby and not my main thing in life it started to become the most time consuming part. Considering I was working full time, filming music sessions, filming The Ruby Sessions, editing the blog, reviewing all the music that was sent in and writing my thoughts down in what hopefully was a nice reading experience, I am not sure how I even had time to sleep.

All of this led me to my decision to step away from it all and take some time to rethink things. I didn’t have any length of time I wanted to take off or any goals to meet in that time other than to have the time for myself that I was not allowing myself.

So why come back now?

Well I have been missing the blog and listening to all of the new music and artists that send their work in. It really is that simple!

The OB has always meant so much to me as it isn’t everyday that something you decided to start randomly on a whim one day becomes an award winning music blog that allows you access into one of the most thriving areas of creativity in Ireland!

It is good to be back and I hope you all enjoy the content that is to follow!